Prominent Characteristics of Zodiac Signs: Hindu Astrology

Since ancient times, astrologers have recognised the twelve zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are identified and associated with major personality characteristics. Through the centuries, there has always been a long list of astrologers in India that advocate this fact. Each zodiac sign has some unique traits, which are visible in the individuals sharing the same zodiac. If you know about the zodiac of a person, you can get an idea of his/her personality and characteristics.

So, let’s have a look at different zodiac signs and their characteristics.

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, symbolises a new beginning. It also signifies sudden changes in life. Individuals born under Aries are intelligent, ambitious, and confident. There is a dynamic restlessness in the Aries’ life. As Aries is confident, they are a born leader. They also have a magnetic personality and are enthusiastic about everything they take up.

On the downside, they are also very intolerant and impulsive. They are also fiery and selfish in nature. However, they do possess a sense of self-respect and have high energy levels.


A Taurus person tends to be more successful because perseverance is their prominent characteristic. The individual with the Taurus sign is highly patient and is quite gentle. The sign possesses a lot of firmness and can overcome most of life’s obstacles. A Taurus born is endowed with natural creativity and is highly inspired by music and art.

However, there are some negative traits, which can become the obstacles in the path towards success. They are laid back, sometimes jealous and lazy. They won’t even touch something if it doesn’t appeal to them.

Gemini possesses qualities that are distinguishing characteristics of the human race, like communicativeness, adaptability, and intelligence. The people with Gemini as birth sign are quick in thought and action, skilful at handling others, and clever with words.

But, they are also unorganised, reckless, and malicious. Due to their reckless behaviour, Geminis end up harming their superior financial prowess.

A person born with Cancer sign is gentle, sympathetic, and kind. A Cancerian is loyal, hardworking, and very artistic. Prominent characteristics also include a charming personality. They are extremely caring and giving and possess the unique ability to put their complicated thoughts into words flawlessly.

On the downside, they are insensitive and stubborn and have a tendency to magnify problem unnecessarily.

A most likeable trait of a Leo is liveliness. The native is devoted to self and possesses self-assurance. The individual is a born entertainer and a fluent talker. They also tend to dislike ordinary and dull.

They are insecure, autocratic, and if not given due recognition, they slump into disappointment. They also tend to give up easily and take time to recover from emotional traumas.

The native of Virgo possesses a high capacity to love and possesses excellent memory. They are loyal, kind, and hardworking.

The greatest negative trait of Virgo is that they are extremely fussy. They are often hard to please and are overly critical of others.

Librans are cooperative, gracious, social and fair-minded. They are also very ambitious and want to put their wisdom into practical use. The natives are at their best in personal relationships. However, self-indulgence and laziness are the major negative traits associated with Libra.

Passionate, stubborn, and a true friend are the words that can define a Scorpio. They are very brave and do all the work with great intensity.

On the downside, they are jealous and obsessive. They are also power hungry and act rude to people who have hurt them.

A Sagittarius person is full of joviality and enthusiasm. People born in this zodiac are progressive and love constant changes in their lives.

Sagittarians become over-excited and boastful very easily. They also tend to have a short temper over anything, which is a major social handicap.

The Capricorn native always carries knowledge with them and is a great organiser. The attributes like responsible, disciplined, and self-control define them appropriately.

However, they are self-pitying, unrealistic, moody and disorganised. They lack finesse or attention to detail.

An individual belonging to Aquarius zodiac will find anything out of ordinary interest. Aquari and are often progressive and open-minded. Top Astrologer in Delhi reckons that Aquarius is a sign that represents originality. An Aquarian is idealistic, inventive and has high intellect.

On the downside, they look detached and aloof, and temperamental. They also run from an emotional expression and are sometimes uncompromising.

Almost every astrologer would agree that Pisces is the sign that represents eternity. An individual tends to be artistic and gentle. The native is also wise and compassionate. But, they are also fearful, overly trusting and can be a victim.

These are only some of the characteristic based on the sun sign. If the natives of any of the zodiac find dissimilarity in their attribute, then it is because of the traits also depends on the rising sun.